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Aurora Chasing & Viewing

Join one of the best aurora hunting tours in Yellowknife. A tour bus is ready to transport you to viewing areas away from the artificial lights and crowds of the city to create ideal conditions to see the Northern Lights.

On your tour you will hunt for the best conditions to witness all stages of the Aurora Borealis from initial appearance to its growth leading to its peak intensity breakup. Your experienced guide will navigate you to the secert Northern Lights location and assist with photography.

Autumn: August to October

Aurora Chasing & Viewing Tour

Aurora chasing Tour 2 times$250
Aurora chasing Tour 3 times$360
Aurora chasing Tour 2 times + Aurora village 1 time$390
Aurora chasing Tour 3 times + Aurora village 1 time$500

Winter – November to April

Aurora Chasing & Viewing Tour & Winter clothing set

TypeWinter ClothingPrice
Aurora Chasing Tour with Aurora viewing in Tent 2 times3 days, 2 nights$350
Aurora Chasing Tour with Aurora viewing in Tent 3 times4 days, 3 nights$490
Aurora Chasing Tour 2 times with viewing in Tent + Aurora Village 1 time4 days, 3 nights$520
Aurora Chasing Tour 3 times with viewing in Tent + Aurora Village 1 time5 days, 4 nights$650

Tour Notes:

  • Aurora Village pickup locations: Chateau Nova, Explorer Hotel, Nova Inn, Discovery Inn, Quality Inn.
  • Free photos (Aurora Chasing Tour) will be distributed using a Google link or Email.
  • Winter clothing set includes: Canada Goose parka, snow pants, snow boots, winter hat and mitts.
  • All Prices are in Canadian dollars, per person, 5% GST will be added.